Unicorns are majestic animals that live in forests of Emiria. Their horns are very valuable, as they can cure any
Unicorn MU

A Unicorn

poison or illness.


Each Unicorn is like a horse, 140 to 160cm at the withers, except with a long, spiral horn on the crown of the head. The eyes of the Unicorn are always deep blue, and they are always white.

They are swift creatures, and can reach speeds higher than any normal horse. When they have charged, they have been recorded to drive their horn straight through a tree.

The kick of a unicorn is also powerful, strong enough to send a man flying.


Unicorns are sapient, though they have never desired to develop technology. If one can be befriended, they show themselves to be wise and quick-minded, if a little idealistic.


Unicorns fear humans, as many of them have been killed in the past for their horns. However, they will always approach a young, female virgin.

On certain occasions, unicorns have been observed to protect humans (mainly virgins) from attack by creatures such as Dragons or other beasts.

They make their promises by Neannu.


Unicorns are highly magical creatures. Their horn refines this magical ability, so that it can be used for abilities such as healing or bringing new life.

If their horn is removed, only uncontrolled energies remain inside them. To protect the world around them, they kill themselves by shutting down their own brains to prevent magical detonation.