Wizards are the official order of magic-users in Emiria. They are centered in a Wizard's Tower, near the center of the realm.


There are several goals all Wizards embrace. Their goals are listed in a thousand-page book held in the tower. A summary of these goals can be found below.

  • To find out and help those born with arcane potential.
  • To stand guard and combat those who would use magic for evil.
  • To aid the Gods, should they ever return.

Wizards will go to any lengths to ensure these goals.


Since the beginning of the world, certain individuals have been born with the ability to use Magic. Many of these died, at first, as they could not control their powers. However, one man, Merlin, suceeded in learning the secrets of the art. He founded the Wizards as they are today.

Kings and Lords have always sought to control wizards, and in some cases have created their own Guilds of Magic that serve them. However, these are in every case less powerful.


When an individual joins the Wizards, they give up whatever last name they may have had, showing how they are gaining a new family.

Notable WizardsEdit