A Zeodragon that defeated another Zeodragon.

Zeodragons are a species of large, cannibalistic dragons that roam around volcanic areas of the Taboo in Zeotriegn.


Zeodragons are large, red Dragons. You can tell a Zeodragon from any other red dragon because of its odd tail. The tail is a shade of azure blue.

Zeodragons have spiny frills on their necks. They also have sharp spines on the arms and on their tail.


Zeodragons never stand on all fours to walk. They are about 15 feet tall when they stand. They can weigh up to a ton.


Zeodragons can live up to 1000 years. However, the average lifespan is about 700-800 years old.


Their names are derived from the mighty King Zeotriegn the fourth, because he had scarlet red hair and was "fierce as a dragon". The name is Zeotriegn+ Dragon.


Zeodragons are sapient. Although they do use tools sometimes like swords, they prefer to fight with their bare hands.

Battle StrategyEdit

While Zeodragons prefer to fight with their hands, they do sometimes use weapons they craft from the volcanic rocks. These rocks are usually obsidian. However, only about 2/10 Zeodragons ever use swords in a lifetime. They usually fight with their extremely sharp claws and their flaming breath.


Another difference between most Dragons and Zeodragons are that Zeodragons do not have magical abilities, except their fiery breath. It is unknown why they do not have any magical abilities. However, Magic does strongly affect Zeodragons, as it is their greatest weakness.


Zeodragons communicate using the Common Tongue.

Diet and ReproductionEdit

Since Zeodragons are cannibals, their diets mainly consist of other Zeodragons, as Zeodragons are extremely rich in protein. However, they also feed on foolish adventurers that wander into the Taboo . However, male Zeodragons do not eat female dragons and vice versa. This is because a Zeodragon will mate with the first Zeodragon of the opposite gender it sees. Zeodragons can mate with as many other Zeodragons as they choose in a lifetime.